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Welcome to, the only site where you can secure your data by setting an expiration date, a list of users allowed to decrypt and other restrictions.

With our system (Patent: US 9,558,362. Date of patent: Jan. 31, 2017) you have full control on "how many times", "when", "until when", "where" and "who" can decrypt your data.

About us

  • This site brings to its users the ability to encrypt data in a confident, private and secure way for free.
  • We supply our own software to use with our system, but others can also develop their own, connected to our services: developers are welcome!
  • Software reverse-engineering techniques are fully useless against our system: it is not only undecryptable but also unhackable and uncrackable.
  • With our patented system (US 9,558,362):
    • there is no need to register or sign with any Authentication Authority.
    • our users will not use any private or public key, but they will get full end-to-end encryption features as non-repudiation warranty.
    • they will not either need to use a secret key for the encryption process.
    • but they still can confirm the authentication of the encrypter and decrypter users.
    • restrictions on decrypting files can be changed and permissions revoked at any moment, even after sent or cloned by the recipients and will immediately apply to any existing encrypted data copy.

We guarantee

  • Privacy as original, encrypted and decrypted data are never sent to our system.
  • Invulnerability to brute-force hacking techniques.
  • Security as encrypted data will only be decrypted a number of times, until an expiration date, on a scheduled timetable and by the recipients that they were configured to, if so they were.
  • Therefore, someone not allowed or no more allowed, will never be able to decrypt data encrypted by our system.
  • Finally, no matter how many encrypted data copies exist, when the expiration date or the maximum allowed decryption times have been reached, the encrypted data are definitively and totally undecryptable forever.

How to get an invitation code

We have already distributed our invitation codes to potential users. So, ask around you: our users are free to share their invitation codes.

Free entry

The estimated delay to free access is

Free access to the site was initially scheduled to start on November 1, 2016.
This has been postponed to January 1, 2021.

Intellectual Property and patent coverage process are fully finalized.
Patent: US 9,558,362. Date of patent: Jan. 31, 2017.

We already bring fully functional stand-alone free software as well as some add-ins for third parties software like Microsoft Outlook. All of them are fully certified 100% EAEA system compatible, as patented.
So far, we have only released demo versions intended for illustration purposes and for potential investors to try before joining us.

Full option versions of our software and add-ins are under development since Jan. 1, 2017 and will be launched when free access to this site is granted on January 1, 2021.
By that date, we will bring you the most Secure System ever with an amazing software and unmatched security controls.

Progress report

We intend to allow you to discover and enjoy our services as soon as possible. Please, check our site regularly, we will update it with news and screenshots as development process progresses over time.


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